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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. An interactive virtual tour of Beridari's manufacturing facilities, allowing customers to get an inside look at how their products are made.

2. A blog featuring interviews with Beridari's staff and customers, detailing their experiences with the company and its products.

3. A section dedicated to showcasing Beridari's latest innovations and product releases.

4. A customer support system that allows customers to submit questions and receive answers quickly and easily.

5. An online marketplace where customers can purchase Beridari products directly from the website.

6. A loyalty program offering discounts and rewards for customers who make frequent purchases.

7. An AI-driven recommendation engine that suggests new products and services based on customers' past purchases.

8. An interactive product configurator that allows customers to customize their products.

9. A live chat function for customers to get real-time support from Beridari representatives.

10. A virtual reality experience that allows customers to experience Beridari products in a simulated environment.

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